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All machines are designed with SolidWorks solid modeling software.

Some of our experience includes:

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Strip Cutters
Automatic and Semi-Automatic Assembly Machines
Assembly Presses with Custom Fixturing
Bowl Fed Screwdriving Equipment
Connector Bending Equipment
Turnkey Inkjet and Laser Product Marking Equipment
Precision Measuring Devices
Soldering, Brazing and Annealing Equipment
Custom Fixtures
Miscellaneous Machines

Contact us:
321 Warwick Avenue, Unit 2,
Warwick, RI 02888
phone: (401) 461-3244
email: thurston@amdtool.com

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A little about us...

Like many custom machine builders, we design and build specialized assembly equipment for many different manufacturers and industries. But most of those other machine builders will only get involved in medium to high investment, multiple function production equipment, and aren't really interested in the smaller projects.

This is where A.M.D. stands out. We prefer to focus on the smaller, precision and semi-precise single station machine format, the type you would associate with early phase product development, low volume or limited production runs.

Our typical job would usually fall in the $20k and less range, and may include assembly presses, strip cutters, bending and coining tools, part marking systems and many other things. We will build a single machine or multiple copies and we offer a quick turn-around.

Our customers have relied on us to provide them with machines specifically designed to meet their exact production requirements, machines that will provide cost effective and repeatable results.

What can we build for you?